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Coen calls himself a "Tribal Coach", an expert in force fields and resonance awareness within relationships and groups. A Tribal Coach is influenced by original ways of thinking of shamanistic communities and creates new techniques that serve especially the community.

Tribal Coaching developed by Coen Tuerlings has its own form, character and dynamics. Tribal Coaching gives you access to the physical and the non-physical, between head and heart, between you and me and the world of the soul. It gives you access to 'the knowing field' or as Carl Gustav Jung called it 'the collective unconscious'. Where Rupert Sheldrake speaks of a morphogenetic resonance, Coen calls the 'Tribal Resonance'. A clear contact with your original resonance in relation to others and the world you live in.

"Every human being has a natural vibration that is unique and whole, beyond limitations, blockades and inability, because of this natural vibration you are in contact with the people around you and you have influence on each other's resonant field and everything in it. By being aware of your resonant field, you experience your relationships with others on a deeper level, creating space for, among other things, heart contact, emotion, passion, reflection, compassion and you can sense what is needed and at what time." 
-Coen Tuerlings-

In Tribal Coaching the influence of shamanistic cultures is clearly visible through the use of the ritual setups, the representation method and the use of original sound language. This working method gives the opportunity to investigate the cause of specific family issues, relationship problems and team dynamics.

Coen developed various shamanistic techniques such as Tribal Coaching, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Circles, Tribal Master, Shaman Voice and Soundfulness, influenced by indigenous and ritual traditions. These are simple and powerful techniques that stimulate conscious contact with other levels of reality within which transformations can take place. The information that becomes clear can be a valuable addition to the daily reality level. A supplement that is often not obvious and delivers remarkable results.